GWT RSSFaviconMosaic - RSS reader in tabbed form, by Jose Sandoval

GWT and RSS Reader

What is this?
This is the first iteration of an RSS feed reader using GWT and rsslibj.

This small application is AJAX based with an RPC call (GWT stile) to a Java Servlet that harvests the three RSS feeds you see on the tabs. The idea is not new. A few news sites have similar tabbed panels for quick links and breaking news. This is my version.

This week (today is Feb 10, 2007) yahoo released a tool to integrate RSS feeds. It's called pipes, and it lets users to visaully mix and match RSS feeds. It's very interesting.

This little app is nothing like yahoo's pipes. But the idea is the same: harvest RSS feeds for a common end.

My thought was to create a little widget that anyone can put on their web site and give visitors a taste of the owner's reading habits.

The architecture
The GWT client talks to a servlet, which harvests the feeds and is part of the GWT callback that populates the AJAX client.

The Code
It's a trade secret, so if you want it, email me :)

I may actually publish it as a little tutorial for GWT and RSS feed readers.